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Atom is a text editor that's modern and highly customizable
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Atom is an impressively powerful and handy text editor especially thanks to the fact that it's completely customizable, letting you tweak any aspect of its look and functionality so that it will fully suit your needs. It can also be used effectively without any prior alteration or setup, therefore it will also suit the needs of beginners or of users with less time to spend on beforehand configurations.

Anyway, it's comprehensiveness remains equally impressive. This amazing app includes almost any feature, function and option that one might ever expect from a text editor to contain. There's a handy project manager that includes a file system browser and that also allows opening multiple projects in one single window. There's an intuitive interface that can be split into multiple panes to allow easier code comparison and editing. There are plenty of options and functions related to code editing, such as autocompletion, package management, etc. Briefly put, Atom is truly multi-functional and not just claims to be.

Another great thing about Atom is the fact that it's an open-source application with a large community involved in its constant development and improving, frequently updated, and endorsed by the well-known GitHub repository hosting service.

To sum it all up, Atom is a complete text editor that leaves no room for complaint, even if you set your expectations really high before trying it, as I did.

Margie Smeer
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  • Impressively comprehensive and feature-rich
  • Fully customizable
  • Open source


  • Can't think of any disadvantage
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